Southern California Poetry Festival
Saturday, October 28th:

10am-12pm - Spoken Word Workshop with Alyesha Wise

12-12:30pm - Spotlighting Arroyo Secco Press
            Lee Anne McIlroy
            Sarah Elizabeth Miller
            Shannon Phillips
            Kevin Ridgeway        

12:30-1pm - A Reading from Lullaby of Teeth, Moon Tide Press's Anthology of SoCal Poets
            Bill Cushing
            Alexis Rhone Fancher
            Michael Mark
            Luivette Resto

1-2pm - Lunch Break Open Mic: Bring a Sack Lunch and Read

2-3pm - Alma Matters, Part 1 - A Sampling from SoCal's Graduate Programs
            2-2:30pm USC's PhD in Creative Writing and Literature
            Mark Irwin
            Doug Manuel

            2:30-3pm Cal State Long Beach's MFA Program
            David Hernandez
            Evan Williams 

3-4pm - Spotlighting SoCal's Poetry Book Publishers, Part 1
            3-3:30pm - Writ Large Press 
            Bridgette Bianca
            Rocío Carlos
            Rachel McLeod Kaminer
            tk lê

            3:30 - 4pm - Red Hen Press
            Kathline Carr
            Gabriel Jesiolowski
            Veronica Reyes 

4-5pm - Poetry Under the Stars - A reading hosted by the Randall Planetarium ($3 admission fee)
              Brendan Constantine  
              Clint Margrave
            Jennifer K. Sweeney
            Lynne Thompson

5-6:30pm - Beyond L.A.: New Books From O.C. R.C. and S.B.C 
            Micah Chatterton
            Natalie J. Graham
            Judy Kronenfeld
            Robbi Nester
            Tamara Madison

6:30-7pm - Time Buffer/Snack Break

7-8pm - Out-of-Towners Reading
            Kaveh Akbar
            Rachel McKibbens
            Maggie Smith 

9pm - Cocktail hour at: Boulevard 574
                                574 N Diamond Bar Blvd
                                Diamond Bar, CA

Sunday, October 29th:

10am - 12pm - Morning Workshop w/ John Brantingham

12:00 - 1pm - Spotlighting SoCal's Poetry Publishers, Part 2
            Tebot Bach Press
            Jeanette Clough
            Elijah Imlay
            Beth Ruscio
            David Allen Sullivan
            Brenda Yates

1-2pm - Lunch Break Open Mic: Bring a Sack Lunch and Read

2-3:30pm - SoCal Poets of the Resistance
               Samantha Alsina
            Michelle Bitting
            Nicelle Davis
            torrin greathouse
            Armine Iknadossian
            Julayne Lee
            David Miller
            Martin Ott
            Amy Newlove Schroeder
            Terry Wright

3:30-4:30pm - SoCal's Spoken Word Artists
            Marcus James
            Alex Luu
            Vanessa Tahay
            Alyesha Wise

4:30-5:30pm - Alma Matters, Part 2 - A Sampling from SoCal's Graduate Programs
            4:30 - 5pm Chapman University's MFA Program
            Victoria Chang
            Mark Hausmann

            5 - 5:30pm - University of California. Irvine's MFA Program
            Amy Gerstler
            Inez Tan

5:30-6pm - Time Buffer/Snack Break

6-7pm - Poetry of Presence: Featuring Poets from the Forthcoming Anthology
            Barbara Crooker
            Danusha Lameris
            Teddy Macker
            Lynn Ungar

8pm - Cocktail hour at: Boulevard 574
                                574 N Diamond Bar Blvd
                                Diamond Bar, CA

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